The Renaissance of Hydrology – Eos

Source: The Renaissance of Hydrology – Eos

Over the past 50 years, hydrology has experienced a revolution in theory, technical application, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Space-based topographic data, real-time weather telemetry, and advances in computer technology have created a new, data-rich environment. This new environment has drastically changed how hydrology research is conducted and applied.

But as impressive as these technological advancements are, the hydrological revolution owes as much to a shift in culture.“There’s been a renaissance in this field, and it happens at the intersections.”The breadth and scope of hydrology have evolved. It’s no longer just a matter of the discharge of individual river basins or a top-down “central planner” approach to water resources. It’s not enough to consider water quantity and quality without considering contributing factors and processes.

“There’s been a renaissance in this field, and it happens at the intersections,” says Winston Yu, a senior water resources analyst at the World Bank.

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